RUN COACHING- individual


Get on pace to break down goals.


Do you need accountability?

Motivation to head out the door or get past a slump?

Need help creating SMART goals for your next race?

Let's take 15 minutes and chat to see if an individual coaching plan or a group plan is best for you. Click the button below to fill out the intake form and let's get started!

Individual Plans-​

  • Weekly Zoom Check-Ins

  • Unlimited Texts

  • Customized training plan tailored to your goals and fitness level

  • Assitance with cross-training goals

  • Nutrition Resources

  • Access to VIP run group

  • Discount Codes on gear, as available

Ready. Set. Run/Walk/Move!


​Join me for the next 8 week, group run program.


Next Program in Spring OR get a group together!

Program is $50 per person.

8 Week Group Includes:

  • Weekly Live Videos on new content

  • Private Facebook group

  • Training plan

  • Assistance with cross-training goals

  • Nutrition Resources

  • and more!

The program is ideal for: anyone wanting to hit the running refresh button OR to take the first step towards your first 5k.